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Die Qualitätslabel von Jacobs Travel

The quality and safety of tourist, business and recreational transport per coach increases year after year. That is the job of the Foundation Coach Marque Company. This foundation focuses herself on the quality improvement of the operational management and the service of the coach companies which are recognized by the foundation.
Extra guarantees
Each coach company which is recognized as Coach Marque Company offers extra guarantees to her passengers. These guarantees are in the fields of the safety and the agreed level of comfort of the coaches, the skill and the helpfulness of the drivers, the strict observance of the driving and resting times legislation and the observance of the branche’s social regulations. Moreover, to be on the safe side, these coach companies are always more than effiently insured. Those extra guarantees must also make the customer feel safe: after all he is (at least moral) responsible for the passengers for whom he has arranged the transport.

Quality promotion asks for directed long term policy and effort. Coach Marque Coach Companies constantly invest in the quality of their employees and equipment. Customer-orientation and care for optimal service are the main things. From both the entrepreneur and the employees a continual effort and commitment may be expected, by which the responsibilities are clearly recorded.

Quality care
The constant quality care means that the recognized Coach Marque Company may rightfully be called a specialist in the transport per coach. Within a Coach Marque company a constant internal control takes place based on the quality manual, while an independent audit authority regularly executes external controls. With this the passenger has the best service for all the tourist, business and recreational transport. Safety, comfort and service are the main things within the Coach Marque

Spauwen Travel Group (owner of Jacobs Travel) is member of ANVR.

People have been travelling the world for centuries. For business and pleasure, alone or in groups. As an entire industry evolved to cater for their needs, it is little wonder that the businesses concerned began to feel the need to unite in support of their common interests. The result of that drive for solidarity in the Netherlands is the ANVR, the Dutch Association of Travel Agents an Tour Operators. An representative body for the travel industry, not a consumer group.

The declared aim of the ANVR is “to combine the strength of its members in pursuit of their common social and economic interests, so that the organization can play a prominent national and international role as the representative of the Dutch travel industry”.

Spauwen Travel Group (owner of Jacobs Travel) is SGR certified.

SGR is the Dutch guarantee fund for prepaid travel money, founded in 1983. SGR is a founding member of EGFATT, the European Guarantee Fund Association for Travel and Tourism.

SGR protects consumers against financial loss in case their tour operator or travel agent ceases its operations due to its financial failure, based on the European Directive (EU) 2015/2302 on package travel and linked travel arrangements and the Dutch Civil Code.